Shipment / Costs

Shipment terms

You are responsible for collecting your product. Delivery is ex works our warehouse (EXW Hilzingen, Germany | Incoterms 2010).

For deliveries abroad, depending on the country, there may be additional costs for customs clearance, certificates of origin or their legalization in addition to the pure transport costs. We charge you for these services as follows:

Customs clearance

Clearing the goods for exportation / necessary for all countries that are not member of the European Union.

55.00 Euro

Certificate of Origin

Issuing a Certificate of Origin, stamped by the Chamber of Commerce.

195.00 Euro

Legalisation of Certificate of Origin

Legalisation of the certificate of Origin by corresponding embassy.

220.00 Euro


Delivery times

Please note the information in the item/ product description.

Our products are manufactured exclusively according to your configuration requirements; this results in a certain delivery time. Unless otherwise specified in the item/ product description, the goods are ready for dispatch within 30-35 working days after the order confirmation (in the case of advance payment after the time of receipt of the money).